Thoughts on starting a new adventure

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I spent the last week in New York getting acclimated to my new journalistic home — The Associated Press. I am overwhelmed, exhausted, exhilarated, excited and oh-so-grateful to have landed there. How to describe it? I feel like we’re leading a revolution, reminding me of a certain passage from Les Miserables: “Who will join in […]

How to make a non-Flash intensity map in Fusion Tables

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I’ve recently become very, very intimately acquainted with the advanced innards of Google Fusion Tables in a very unhealthy way. You think I’m joking, but I’m not. One of the coolest visualizations Fusion Tables (I’ll say FT from this point forward) is capable of would be its Intensity Map option. Automatically pull in the shapes […]

How to combine multiple Fusion Tables into one map

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I had the privilege of visiting Derek Willis’ Digital Frameworks class last week — a hallowed room that started my own data journalism journey. As most of you know, I’m unable to sit and merely observe (sorry, Derek!), so I ended up chiming in. One student explained that she was working on a Fusion Table […]

Hope: Recognizing what you can and can’t change

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As I sit here at PBS, the day before my last, full of a delicious ice cream cupcake courtesy of Christine Montgomery, who somehow turned my last staff meeting into a Michelle farewell party (embarrassed!), many emotions swirl through my head. On Monday, I’ll be on 33rd Street in Manhattan, in a giant building with […]

What’s it like looking for a programmer-journalist job?

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I’ve spent a lot of time thinking in the last week, as I worked through the final steps of an interview process with the Associated Press.  The job hunt has been a long one, and there are some points that I think are worth considering. I’m still fairly early in my career.  I hear that […]

The Associated Press: Next stop on the journey

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I’ve restarted this post three times, because I’m still in shock. Maybe I’ll just keep it simple and not rambling, for once, I’ve accepted a position at the Associated Press as an Interactive Producer.

Oh, hi, blog readers — it’s been a while!

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Today, I am a quarter of a century old. No longer can I claim to be in my early 20s. No longer can I claim to be a frequent blog writer either, as it closes in on two months since my last post. I could make up excuses. I’m learning to conquer Fusion Tables and […]

Gantt rant: Advice on agile project management

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As a switch from my usual rambling blog post, an interesting Twitter conversation leads me to give you…my usual rambling blog post as a Storify with embedded tweets.  Enjoy my lesson of the day!  This is dedicated to the data journalism community that teaches me every day. Thanks, all!

My (quickly formed) vision for a journ-prog curriculum

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I’ve written about a curriculum for people looking to be exposed to — and perhaps specialize — in data journalism before.  But last week on Twitter, Dave Stanton (@gotoplanb) asked a slightly different question — what would the curriculum look like if you were a journo-interested student wanting to learn programming to tell stories from […]

My Role at PBS: Datavangelizing to Local Stations

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Time for an update on the world of PBS!, the national site I was working on, has been put on hold while we focus our attention on serving journalism at local stations.  This has long been a component of our project, but it is now a priority which we’re focusing on heavily. What does […]