JavaScript Patterns — Chapter 3

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In this reading, we focus on literals and constructors. Again, this continues the exploration into the fundamentals of how JavaScript works — with the goal of being able to grok design patterns — ways of formatting bits of code in the language when structuring systems, all designed to handle the most common cases. Put another […]

Learning…how to think ahead about big-picture coding problems

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In past posts on this blog, and conversations with mentors, colleagues and friends — we have lamented the difficulty of the learning path for the intermediate coder. The posts I’ve been writing about recommended book readings are part of a step forward. But if one is not careful, they become an academic exercise. It’s in […]

JavaScript Patterns – Chapters 1 and 2

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I certainly love stretching my mind and learning new things, but after weeks of reading Ruby and more strictly-typed languages, I breathe a sigh of relief every time I step back into JavaScript world. Some people like it, some people hate it, but for me, it’s just where I spend the most coding time, and […]

An introduction to design patterns — trying again

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This week, we leave Fowler’s Refactoring behind in favor of embarking on a journey exploring design patterns. As I understand it, when writing code, there are certain ways of structuring a program or application as a whole that are patterns on which we can base the design of code. This is a topic that has […]

Thoughts on Refactoring – Chap. 5, 6, 13, Selected refactorings

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Continuing our journey through Fowler’s refactoring book for this week, we covered a lot of ground which mostly concentrates on the role of testing (Chapter 5) and selected refactoring that seemed most relevant. They did a nice job attacking some of the common problem areas I have (including complex conditionals, too-complicated functions and data structures).

Thoughts on “Refactoring” – Chapters 1-3

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I wanted to remember to blog about what I’m learning by reading Martin Fowler’s “Refactoring”, but I fell behind. No apologies, just moving forward from here. I’ll conflate what I’ve covered so far into one post.

Teaching at Medill!

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I’ve been in very much a learning space at work, even moreso than usual (writing my first test-driven and object-oriented Ruby code these days), and I am thankful to be in a place where I can learn and grow. As I approach my learning with a redoubled effort, it feels like some sort of balance […]

Embarking on a study of refactoring — what I’m learning and why

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I finally no longer feel strange when someone calls me a programmer — I have learned to own it. It’s taken me the better part of five years to feel that way, but here we are. At the end of 2011, I wrote a post lamenting my code quality, and I still feel that way, […]

Sharing knowledge with knowledge-lovers

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Hello again, dear reader! It’s been a long time again. Where does the time go? I’ve been trying an experiment for well, months now. If I engage with the community a bit less, and care for my own learning, about code, journalism, cooking, drawing and well, everything, am I pursuing The Mission less? Will all […]

A letter to my 15-year-old self, celebrating life’s lessons

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“What would you write if you would write a letter to your fifteen-year-old self?” asks the latest prompt from j-carn, a blog carnival I like to participate in occasionally here. When I was fifteen, I had strange dreams. My group of friends and I were the geeky ones who thrived in the classroom. And the […]