Guest Post: Integrating data with our journalism

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I was recently asked to write a guest post sharing some of what I’ve learned about data from my studies, random experimentation and musings that consume my life.  This is part of Adam Westbrook’s Fresh Eyes series, where he asks people within and without journalism with non-traditional perspectives to talk about how journalists can improve […]

Django app #2: Conquering forms and Google Maps API

It’s been a busy week for the programming journalists — as I’m sure you’ve seen. Congrats to all, especially the dev team at The New York Times, who just released the newest version of the Congress API, with plenty more robust features to play with, as well as my recent Data Delver interviewee Andy Boyle […]

David Carr at Medill

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Today, the New York Times’ David Carr came to speak at Medill. I’ve admired his work for some time, and he was just three floors above me, so I hopped on upstairs.  While not directly data-related, he did talk about many topics relevant to the current journalistic climate. If that’s not a good enough reason, […]

“Demos, not memos”: My first Django app

UPDATE:  GitHub repo with code for the app can be found here: Thanks to Dave Stanton for a marvelous tutorial linked in the comments. “Demos, not memos.”  It’s my new mantra.  A phrase well known in the CAR community, especially after this blog post from Matt Waite, I subscribe to the idea for two […]

Is a flat text file or a database right for an app?

I’ve been busily coding away on my final project for my data visualization independent study. I’m looking at data that I’ve been slowly acquiring on the life of art galleries that were in Chicago in 1990.  Back then, the Chicago Artists’ Coalition had a complete listing in a pamphlet (more like a book) they put […]

Data Delver: Chase Davis, California Watch

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My next Data Delver: By day, he’s an investigative reporter. By night, he’s Superman!  (Okay, he actually builds database applications with co-conspirator Matt Waite.  But that’s almost the same, right?) The CAR world, as I see it, has two different paths you can go down: continue to use data for reporting stories, or apply those […]

Data Delver: MaryJo Webster, Pioneer Press

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One of the virtues of continuing to be a graduate student while pursuing my CAR journey has been the freedom to look at problems academically.  One issue I’ve been wrestling with is where we need to use more data.  I’ve come to the conclusion that it needs to be used more often in reporting.  That […]

Many Eyes: “Catalyzing the community around data”

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Before I get going, thanks to all of you who’ve been reading and/or sending me feedback!  And a hearty welcome to any new readers who’ve found their way over via Innovative Interactivity, #wjchat or any other method.  I’m so glad you’re joining me on my data journalism quest (read: obsession!).  If you have any topics […]

Data Delver: Lisa Pickoff-White, California Watch

While talking to data reporters from around the country, it’s become apparent to me that the best work is done when the staff is supportive.  Some newspapers are doing great work, and some are struggling.  Which led me to wonder how the investigative organizations are doing, new and encouraging experimentation to draw eyes and inform […]

Visualizing networking: When it doesn’t work

So much in journalism and in life, we strive for perfection in our work. The best story idea, the best presentation.  We strive for perfection as individuals, we compete to be the best, get to the scene before someone else, write tighter, edit faster.  But sometimes, it’s just as important to recognize when something just […]