Teaching Materials from NICAR 2012

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I had the sincere honor of presenting at NICAR 2012 in St. Louis for the second year in a row. I provide the takeaway materials here, if you find them useful.

AP and NICAR — they’re both my home

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Returned yesterday from my third time at the Computer-Assisted Reporting conference — this time in St. Louis. Like clockwork, I talked myself out of a voice, as I do every year. But this year — it was different in other ways.

“A journalist could do this!” – Reflections on Phil Meyer’s “Paper Route”

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We stand on the shoulders of giants. Any of us coming to the field know this. I speak often, perhaps obsessively, about my mentors. But who inspired them? What was it like to be part of the field bringing the rigor of data analysis and social science, and the precision of emerging technology, to our […]

How To Count Queried Rows in a Google Fusion Table

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In my “free” time, I help people who are also on the JavaScript learning journey.  Here’s a query, paraphrased. How can I count how many points I currently have displayed on a Fusion Table layer of a Google Map? This would be especially helpful when we’re using filters, to show how many points are currently […]

Changing definitions of what it means to be mentored

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I’m now just beyond five months into an amazing opportunity.  When I introduce myself as working at the AP, I always cringe a bit.  Perhaps people think I work there because it’s the AP, and it’s big, and has many resources, and there’s a lot to do.  But that’s not the sum total reason.  I […]

At peace with where I am

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It occured to me that I haven’t posted an update since the last one, which was a measured account of my self-doubts when it comes to programming.  I really appreciate the support and outreach I’ve gotten from the community about this.  Three weeks later, I finished said Backbone project, with a lot of help from […]

A pilgramage to NY headquarters

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I’ve been in a rather dark, pressure-filled place in my journey the past couple of weeks.  You can tell, more posts here about my feelings, rather than code.  Less posting on Twitter about anything work-related, or anything at all during the work week.  The usual “How are you?” is greeted with an exasperated sigh, rather […]

The word of 2012 — Moderation

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Some people make New Years’ Resolutions.  Some people make them before January 2.  I would not be one of these people.  But, instead, I publicly declare (for accountability’s sake), that this year is going to be different.  2011 was the year of extremes. Life is great! (I learned so much!) Life is horrible! (Anything to […]

Adventures in rebooting my coding practice

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After my approach to a nervous breakdown last week, kind people in the community have helped me get back on track.  I have restructured my current big project so it no longer includes a “miscellaneous” function, and is sorted into logical pieces.  I am also seeking to learn the actual vocabulary fo what things in […]

Hacking till it works is no longer enough

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Learning to code with editorial intent has been a pet project of mine for years by now, but this week was the first time I literally found myself in tears, because I couldn’t get something to work.  My father has a great story from his educational days, about how he changed degrees because he saw […]