We must understand our news content as data

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Building data-driven websites has many different applications, and to say that I’m close to mastering all the needed techniques would be a lie.  But if there’s one thing I learned from my “summer” internship at the LA Times, it’s that with some persistence, curiosity and masterful Googling, you can find what you need to know. […]

Heading to PBS: Dreams do come true

Warning: This will be long, and sappy, and sentimental, and all things cliche. But, hopefully, it’s still uplifting and interesting. My “summer” internship at the LA Times is almost over. It’s lasted from April until now, and I could stay longer. I swore you’d have to drag me out of “dream internship” kicking and screaming, […]

The power of linkable data apps (my second LAT app)

Story of my life: This is a few weeks overdue. Launched a new app at the beginning of this month, tracking Prop 19 campaign contributions, which you can see at http://projects.latimes.com/prop19

Journ curricula’s need for transition isn’t unique

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Despite being months out of school, I’m still relatively obsessed with teaching and learning. That’s part of what makes journalism these days fun — we learn about our subject matters, and we learn new tools for information display. But the training of new journos has a special place in my heart. Every day, I benefit […]

Hosting #wjchat — Finding the story in the data

UPDATE: More later, but if you missed the geekery and fantastic exchange of knowledge that you get with a phenomenally sharp, inquisitive and dedicated group like the #wjchatters, you can find the transcript here. Tomorrow, Wed. Sept. 8, we’ll be discussing “Finding the story in the data” at #wjchat, and I have been tapped to […]

What’s regex again? Why should journos care?

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My days continue to putter along at the delightful dream job that is working at the LAT Data Desk. Some work is public-facing, a lot is internal to the LAT, but it’s always a learning experience. Recently, I had the opportunity (okay, was tasked with) getting some information out of our archives into a database […]

Fighting for my life: The largest battle I ever won

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I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching recently, and coding.  Trying to remember why I decided to learn how to program.  It was always for journalism.  Never transitioning out of the profession, only transitioning within it, and helping it to transition. I’ve been paying rapt attention to the journey of designer/journalist Chris Courtney.  He’s […]

First LAT app (or the butterfly on my windowsill)

http://projects.latimes.com/prop8 So, there’s that. First launch! My checklist: Figure out what part of journalism inspires me. CHECK (Data, programming) Find place where I can learn about it from others, but have freedom to try out my ideas and learn from knowledgeable and patient folks. CHECK (LAT) Use this opportunity to learn enough about programming to […]

Data Delver: Andy Boyle, St. Petersburg Times

The last Data Delver I have on tap is Andy Boyle.  If you’re in the online journalism sphere on Twitter, you know this name, or at least, @andymboyle.  But let’s say you don’t.  If I introduce him as a reporter, that’s not the full picture.  A developer?  That’s not it either.  Web-savvy journo?  Still, nope.  […]

Data Delver: Cheryl Phillips, Seattle Times

Programming note: This Data Delver series was a lot more regular before I actually became a “Data Delver.” This is one of two interviews that’s been sitting in my draft pile.  I spoke to Cheryl Phillips back in March 2010, and the below interview should be interpreted in that context.  Sorry for the delay, Cheryl, […]