Be the LA Times’ next “Data app producer intern”

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Imagine for a minute that you’re a journalism student, about to launch into the “real world.” You dream of a way ot bring readers interactive experiences that make the most of the facts behind a story. You admire the kind of work they’re doing at the New York Times, ProPublica, Chicago Tribune, the St. Petersburg […]

Heading to PBS: Dreams do come true

Warning: This will be long, and sappy, and sentimental, and all things cliche. But, hopefully, it’s still uplifting and interesting. My “summer” internship at the LA Times is almost over. It’s lasted from April until now, and I could stay longer. I swore you’d have to drag me out of “dream internship” kicking and screaming, […]

The power of linkable data apps (my second LAT app)

Story of my life: This is a few weeks overdue. Launched a new app at the beginning of this month, tracking Prop 19 campaign contributions, which you can see at

Hosting #wjchat — Finding the story in the data

UPDATE: More later, but if you missed the geekery and fantastic exchange of knowledge that you get with a phenomenally sharp, inquisitive and dedicated group like the #wjchatters, you can find the transcript here. Tomorrow, Wed. Sept. 8, we’ll be discussing “Finding the story in the data” at #wjchat, and I have been tapped to […]

First LAT app (or the butterfly on my windowsill) So, there’s that. First launch! My checklist: Figure out what part of journalism inspires me. CHECK (Data, programming) Find place where I can learn about it from others, but have freedom to try out my ideas and learn from knowledgeable and patient folks. CHECK (LAT) Use this opportunity to learn enough about programming to […]

J-school: It’s relevant but demands you take charge

I love journalism shop-talk chat, really.  Of course, I’d rather be DOING the journalism, but it’s important to see where others are at, and it’s kind of fun to feel like part of the club, and dream about the future.  The #wjchat chats on Twitter emerged about the same time my data journey started, but […]

Note to self: Real world journo-coding lessons

Notice how your Google reader got a bit emptier than usual?  Didn’t think so.  But it recently occured to me that I haven’t posted in eons.  Why is that? Part of it has been the chaos of moving, spending time exploring LA.  The other part is that I’m finally walking the walk every day.  I […]

Self-teaching data and programming skills

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So, you think data journalism and programming are some valuable skills you’d like to learn.  Unfortunately, your school doesn’t offer this as a track, or maybe you’re not even in school anymore.  You know people will help you, and you think it all seems cool, but it can be difficult knowing just where to start.  […]

My next move: LA Times!

“You’re going into journalism?  Now?”  “they” asked.  “What can you do with that?” I’ve always answered that I’ll figure something out, that the Web is to journalism’s benefit, not its detriment.  That there’s got to be something to this programming journalism thing I enjoy so much. I finished my last final today.  Counting down to […]

Piece de resistance: Data viz wrapup

And, scene.  That’s a term borrowed from theater, it’s used as an act or scene closes.  My giant Chicago art gallery persistence project is completed.  We’ve got a trend article that uses CAR techniques, and a Flash visualization and a searchable database.  The main thrust to the story is that of the galleries that existed […]