An inside look at life at PBS News

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Our industry of “news application development” is still in its infancy.  As I’m given the freedom to reinvent how we do news apps over at PBS News, I’m relying heavily on staying plugged in to what’s going on elsewhere in the community.  What have people done so far?  How is it going?  What have they […]

PBS post: Sharing our work, does it make “Census”?

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Yes, my editor has an affinity for puns and actually encourages the type of behavior in the headline. Breaking out of the typical j-school mold a little more each day (but little about me is typical to begin with). I was delighted to hear that USA Today, and more specifically data journalist-colleagues Anthony DeBarros and […]

PBS post: What Data Can’t Do For You

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The year’s end is always a good time for reflection. I’ve been doing a lot of personal thinking, and reading a whole slew of top 10 lists. Hype over static infographics that add to the overwhelming amount of info but ultimately fail in providing real understanding have always annoyed me. Interactivity can help, when used […]

Are time-intensive story presentations worthwhile?

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My new post on PBS NewsBlog argues yes (not shocking if you know me). A sample: “If a story is posted on a news site, and no one cares, was there a point? Sometimes, us newsies wonder what the modern audience is looking for, and how to best convey interesting and engaging information. You shouldn’t […]

Join the data convo at PBS NewsNav

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When I last spoke about my new shiny data journo job in the outskirts of DC known as Arlington, I said it was a dream come true. A month later, I stand by that statement, and say I couldn’t have imagined just how great it would be. I now even have teammates, and we have […]