Refactoring: Real world benefits of soaking it in

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After last week’s marathon reading session, we took a week off with no readings, to better absorb and apply what we’ve learned from refactoring. (Or take a break for the July 4th weekend. But the first one sounds better.)

Why I develop in the newsroom

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I believe in the message, and describing that message in the best medium possible. What is the message? It can be many things, but developing in the newsroom affords us the opportunity for the message to be describing what’s going on in the world, things that truly affect us as human beings. As for the […]

ASNE: Data Journalism: The Myths and the Magic

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Must be conference season in DC. Or hotel rooms are cheap because it’s so hot and sticky here. That’s why I’m flying to Vancouver to get out of this humidity for ten days. But before I do, I was honored to speak on a panel yesterday (June 25) at the American Society for Newspaper Editors […]

Learning how to…sort a JavaScript/JSON object with Underscore

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I received an interesting question from Greg Papuga the other day, on a long ago post for creating a dynamic table off of a Google spreadsheet (wow, that code is messy. eek.) When receiving the spreadsheet data as JSON, Greg wonders if he can sort this incoming JSON by date. That is, dates were entered in […]

Making the ONA conference MY ONA conference

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Greetings from Chicago, where I’m hanging out for a bit after a whirlwind few days at the Online News Association conference in San Francisco! I had a fantastic time re-connecting with many of my friends and colleagues across the United States and the world. It was great to see so many of you. In a […]

Finding your “intellectual home”

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Greetings! This post is coming to you just off of a panel I gave with Dan Victor during the Career Summit portion of the Online News Association’s conference in 2012. I’m writing this beforehand, so not sure what I actually rambled about, but I have notes, and I thought I’d write a short piece on […]

Learning about teaching at Code With Me

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“How do I get started doing the kind of work you do? It just seems so…hard.” I hear this comment more than I’d like, and I always find my answers dissatisfactory. “Look things up on the Internet. Find good work, and email the creators.” Or they sound obnoxious as soon as I say them: “Get […]

Learning to love…grep (let the computer search text for you)

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I’ve gotten into the habit of posting daily learnings on Twitter, but some things require a more in-depth reminder. I also haven’t done as much paying as forward as I’d like (but I’m having a TON of fun!  and dealing with health problems!  but mostly fun!) I’d like to try to start posting more helpful […]

On launching BIG projects — and gaining confidence

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Wow, another post where I point out that I haven’t written for months. A lot has been accomplished. I wanted a job where I learned. DONE. I’ve been at The Associated Press for almost nine months now — I can’t believe it myself. I like to think I contribute in myriad ways, but two “things” […]

Teaching Materials from NICAR 2012

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I had the sincere honor of presenting at NICAR 2012 in St. Louis for the second year in a row. I provide the takeaway materials here, if you find them useful.