Persistence of Chicago Art Galleries

I’ve spent the quarter compiling and analyzing data exploring the persistence of Chicago art galleries, as a way of exploring CAR for the arts.  I found a list from the Chicago Artists’ Coalition of 96 such businesses that existed in 1990, and tracked their fate.  A story summarizing the trend follows (an assignment for my […]

State of Healthcare Journalism

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In mid-March, the Kaiser Family Foundation released a study on the state of healthcare journalism in the U.S.  As a budding journalist with a relatively new interest in the field, my self-recognized lack of years of experience is temepred by a completely unbridled passion and enthusiasm.  So delving into the pages I go, to figure […]

“You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, Michelle”

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As some of you may know, my reporting beat at Medill right now is medical research.  One of my recent struggles has been fulfilling my class’ requirements for taking pictures, which is tough to do when dealing with large Chicago hospitals.  Perseverance can get you to speak to the chief of surgery, but it’s very […]


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What I’m about to say may mystify you, as I virtually throw myself over the bridge, in front of the bus, whatever metaphor you choose. Whatever happened to accountability for fact errors in journalism? Yes, as a practicing journalist I realize just how easy it is to make a fact error accidentally. And every time […]

"Alternative Storytelling"

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Musings about what “alternative storytelling” means, and how it’s not a question-and-answer format article.