Data Delver: Paul Monies, The Oklahoman

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In journalism, we talk a lot about the concept of the “one-man band.” The idea often refers to multi-platform journalism — it means being able to deliver a story in print, video, audio or online format. You must be able to do it all, and do it all well. But in the CAR world, plenty […]

Columbia’s new joint MS: Good start, but no panacea

We’ve been retweeting it and raving about it all day in the data community – Columbia has made a big, big step forward in data journalism education by offering a new joint masters in journalism and computer science.  We can add modules to existing curricula all we want, but this is a giant leap.  There […]

Women with coding skills are no Passover miracle

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Today, at sunset, the Jewish people mark the end of Passover. I know the High Holy Days are the most, well, holy, but I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for Passover. The English major in me likes that everything has symbolism (salt water, matzo, lamb bone, etc.), the journalist in me loves […]

Data Delver: Phil Meyer

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Using programming to enhance and improve journalism is often thought of as a new phenomenon — the rise of the pro-jo, or programmer-journalist. But as anyone in the CAR community can tell you, using computers for reporting is far from a new idea. One of the pioneers of the movement, decades ago, was Phil Meyer. […]

Using Javascript for interactive Google charts

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Want to provide interactive graphs to news consumers quickly and easily on platforms that simply don’t support Flash?  Enter the “hidden power of Javascript,” a key component of the Google Visualization API.  It was the subject of a recent “Lightning Talk” I gave at NICAR 2010 in Phoenix.  My slides and a more thorough walk-through […]

Data Delver: Mark Schaver, Louisville Courier

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It’s all very simple for me to sit in front of my computer and proclaim myself a data journalist, or a programmer-journalist for that matter. I’ve spent a lot of time discovering my love for creating data-driven applications. But for many CAR reporters, the role of Web developer has chosen them as the field has […]

Self-teaching data and programming skills

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So, you think data journalism and programming are some valuable skills you’d like to learn.  Unfortunately, your school doesn’t offer this as a track, or maybe you’re not even in school anymore.  You know people will help you, and you think it all seems cool, but it can be difficult knowing just where to start.  […]

Bringing data journalism into curricula

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As a recently graduated Medillian (yay for entering the “real world, boo for having to leave such a nurturing and wonderful place), I’ve been thinking a lot about data journalism and my generation.  Why were there so few students at NICAR?  Yes, it costs money to get to a conference, but I’m not even seeing […]

My next move: LA Times!

“You’re going into journalism?  Now?”  “they” asked.  “What can you do with that?” I’ve always answered that I’ll figure something out, that the Web is to journalism’s benefit, not its detriment.  That there’s got to be something to this programming journalism thing I enjoy so much. I finished my last final today.  Counting down to […]

Data Delver: Matt Wynn, Arizona Republic

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CAR brings added benefit to stories throughout the paper, and it’s essential in urban areas that have many facets to be explored through data. But before you can bring the CAR to a city like Phoenix, you’ve got to be confident in your abilities. That’s why Matt Wynn, now Senior Data Reporter at the Arizona […]