Data Delver: Anthony DeBarros, USA Today

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It’s one thing to say we’re interested in the conversion of journalism and technology now, but it was a completely different story decades ago, when it was the beginning of a melding of the writers and the computer geeks. And as much as things were different than today, newsrooms still wondered how to best integrate […]

Data Delver: Jennifer LaFleur, ProPublica

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The nature of CAR is shifting each day, as data analyzers and Web developers alike prepare to converge on Phoenix later this week.  But for those who’ve been in this for the long haul, the essence of the field remains what it always has been.  That’s the message ProPublica’s Director of Computer-Assisted Reporting, Jennifer LaFleur, […]

Data Delvers: Ben Welsh & Ken Schwencke, LA Times

Using data as part of a package that drives user interest needs a strong team, and cross-collaboration between reporters, editors and web developers.  At the Los Angeles Times, two key people who work to bring it all together are Web dev duo Ben Welsh and Ken Schwencke.  It’s their job to enhance and enrich the […]

Piece de resistance: Data viz wrapup

And, scene.  That’s a term borrowed from theater, it’s used as an act or scene closes.  My giant Chicago art gallery persistence project is completed.  We’ve got a trend article that uses CAR techniques, and a Flash visualization and a searchable database.  The main thrust to the story is that of the galleries that existed […]

Why we do what we do: Pursuing the sparkle

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“If you truly love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” That was the main theme of the faculty speaker at my high school graduation back at Palatine High School in 2004.  It personified my pursuit of knowledge, and of a career, up until that point, and I’ve thought about those […]

Persistence of Chicago Art Galleries

I’ve spent the quarter compiling and analyzing data exploring the persistence of Chicago art galleries, as a way of exploring CAR for the arts.  I found a list from the Chicago Artists’ Coalition of 96 such businesses that existed in 1990, and tracked their fate.  A story summarizing the trend follows (an assignment for my […]

Guest Post: Integrating data with our journalism

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I was recently asked to write a guest post sharing some of what I’ve learned about data from my studies, random experimentation and musings that consume my life.  This is part of Adam Westbrook’s Fresh Eyes series, where he asks people within and without journalism with non-traditional perspectives to talk about how journalists can improve […]

Django app #2: Conquering forms and Google Maps API

It’s been a busy week for the programming journalists — as I’m sure you’ve seen. Congrats to all, especially the dev team at The New York Times, who just released the newest version of the Congress API, with plenty more robust features to play with, as well as my recent Data Delver interviewee Andy Boyle […]

David Carr at Medill

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Today, the New York Times’ David Carr came to speak at Medill. I’ve admired his work for some time, and he was just three floors above me, so I hopped on upstairs.  While not directly data-related, he did talk about many topics relevant to the current journalistic climate. If that’s not a good enough reason, […]

“Demos, not memos”: My first Django app

UPDATE:  GitHub repo with code for the app can be found here: Thanks to Dave Stanton for a marvelous tutorial linked in the comments. “Demos, not memos.”  It’s my new mantra.  A phrase well known in the CAR community, especially after this blog post from Matt Waite, I subscribe to the idea for two […]