Data Delver: Gregory Korte, Cincinnati Enquirer

I believe all beats would benefit from considering data in their reporting, but some beats demand data analysis on a regular basis.  The nature of CAR is changing — many industry folk have told me that the term “CAR” now encompasses reporters, data analysts and web developers.  It’s certainly a wide field.  One reporter I […]

Exploring Drupal — open source tool of the day

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As part of an ongoing quest to learn as much about programming and technical tools as I strive to learn about the beats I cover, I jumped at the opportunity to attend a Drupal training this evening. I didn’t know this before today, but there is a robust Drupal user group here in Chicago, appropriately […]

Repetition, repetition: The power of multiples

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Teachers are true heroes in today’s society, I owe so much to almost every one that I’ve ever had the privilege of working with. As the daughter of an elementary school teacher, and from teaching some classes on my own, I know that repetition is a key part of passing knowledge from your brain to […]

Treemapping Gov. Quinn’s State of the State

This week in the Processing book, I learned all about trees and hierarchies. There’s a lot of potential here for allowing the user to delve deeper into interactives by providing multiple layers. This is a very cool example of how programming helps support my theory of journalism — the deeper the information you offer, the […]

Recognize the importance of journalistic creativity

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Applying for jobs is scary, I’ll be the first to say it. People are getting laid off left and right, and I, as a 23-year-old, have the audacity to say I have the ability and right to take those jobs, and that I’ll make it worth an employer’s while because I’m energetic, insanely devoted/obsessed and […]

Relating zip codes and geography using Processing

This week I tackled recreating Ben Fry’s Zipdecode project, which he gives great step-by-step instructions for in his Visualizing Data book that I have been following along with this quarter. It’s an interesting take on the concept of the scatterplot, even before using its interactive features, it asserts its usefulness as a population density map. […]

Data Delver: Tyson Evans, NY Times Interface Engineer

Data visualization is a tool that is applicable in many industries. Some visualizations are made to help business owners make decisions, some to help reporters perform analysis to make discoveries. But what takes a visualization, or interactive piece, from something that helps a news producer, to something that helps a news consumer, requires someone who […]

Data Delver: Matt Waite, St. Petersburg Times

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Journalism in the modern era. What is it? I’ve got some ideas, and a lot of questions, but I certainly don’t know the answer. It necessitates more than a story, more than an article, more than a photo, more than a Web page. I’m pretty certain of one thing, though: It’s got to do with […]

Parallelism: Packing information into visualization

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Information is fascinating at many different levels. Show me a simple graph of the components that make up a whole, that tells me something. I’ve found almost anything is more interesting when looked at across time, since it adds another dimension. This also helps with analysis, because outliers or rapid changes are often related to […]

Data Delver: Perry Swanson, The Gazette

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When we think of computer-assisted reporting, large-scale investigative projects are often what first come to mind. There’s no question of the value and impact such endeavors can have on society. But CAR has many other purposes, too. One is bringing evidence to and localizing breaking news, and helping people find out more about their communities. […]