A list of 40 CAR-friendly news organizations
(my adventures in parsing the IRE directory)

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Sure, data-driven reporting investigations sound good, but how does an aspiring journalist know which organizations are most supportive of that kind of work? I don’t believe there’s one all-encompassing way to tell, but I would argue that one measure might be the number of Investigative Reporters and Editors-card-carrying members in a news organization. And why […]

Which states have been hit hardest by unemployment in the last decade?

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I matched up the unemployment rates for each state in November 2009 with the unemployment rates from Nov. 1999, that is, the same measurements from a decade prior. Then, I calculated the absolute change of the unemployment rate, to see which states have been hit the hardest, looking at the quantity of citizens they are able to keep employed.

Data set here, culled from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Reflections on Visualization Theory (Data viz readings, week 1)

In this first set of reading, I learn that the principles of simplicity, accuracy and more are as true in data visualization as they are in a text story. Edward Tufte, Visual Explanations, “Images and Quantities” In Tufte’s first paragraph of Visual Explanations, he discusses the importance of readability — a concept I see as […]

My new perspective on math – it’s a journalistic tool!

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Tomorrow, Jan. 4, means the beginning of an end to my formal graduate education. It’s the first day of my final quarter at Medill. I’ll be returning to the Evanston campus for the first time since June 2009, primarily for an independent study on data visualization with Medill professor Rich Gordon. I’ll also be taking […]

Changes in how we travel across U.S. borders

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Traveling is something we often take for granted nowadays — at least, I know I do.  And as situations in my life have changed, I’ve been thinking about all the different types of transportation I use.  I’m a bit more reliant on my car in the Chicago suburbs, and while I griped about the Metro […]

The limitations of SQL and Access

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Quick tips on how SQL and Access differ in nuances associated with CAR. I speak from the experience Team Data and I have had this week on our CAR project over at Medill.

A letter to journo-programmers: Teach me, inspire me

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St. Petersburg Times senior news technologist, and Politifact developer, Matt Waite: “If you could take a class from a journalist/programmer, what would you want out of it? I give my take based on my experience in Derek Willis’ CAR class.

Printies and webbies — we’re all journalists!

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As a student, I thought if I could just get the digital skills down, my journo-tech obsession would have a place in this world. Turns out, it might be far from that simple.

State of Healthcare Journalism

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In mid-March, the Kaiser Family Foundation released a study on the state of healthcare journalism in the U.S.  As a budding journalist with a relatively new interest in the field, my self-recognized lack of years of experience is temepred by a completely unbridled passion and enthusiasm.  So delving into the pages I go, to figure […]

NYTimes Global Edition — do people care? Should they?

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I recently returned from my spring break trip to Paris. Besides my obligatory Eiffel Tower at sunset trips, eating copious amounts of escargots and pain au chocolat — not together, obviously — the other reason I was there was for an international media seminar trip with Northwestern. Meeting with foreign correspondents, online journalists, authors and […]