The word of 2012 — Moderation

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Some people make New Years’ Resolutions.  Some people make them before January 2.  I would not be one of these people.  But, instead, I publicly declare (for accountability’s sake), that this year is going to be different.  2011 was the year of extremes. Life is great! (I learned so much!) Life is horrible! (Anything to […]

Adventures in rebooting my coding practice

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After my approach to a nervous breakdown last week, kind people in the community have helped me get back on track.  I have restructured my current big project so it no longer includes a “miscellaneous” function, and is sorted into logical pieces.  I am also seeking to learn the actual vocabulary fo what things in […]

Hacking till it works is no longer enough

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Learning to code with editorial intent has been a pet project of mine for years by now, but this week was the first time I literally found myself in tears, because I couldn’t get something to work.  My father has a great story from his educational days, about how he changed degrees because he saw […]

Answering some FAQs about Fusion Tables

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I’ve recently gotten a few questions about Fusion Tables via email.  I’ll keep the questioners anonymous, but I think it’s worth sharing these answers with the community. Some questions paraphrased. Can I embed something with HTML/CSS/JavaScript using the Layer Builder on my Google Sites page/page that doesn’t play well with JavaScript? This is part of […]

Conferences: How can we help more people feel dumb?

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UPDATE: More of my thoughts on this are peppered in the comment section of a fantastic post on this subject by Matt Waite, posted after I published this.  I think he may have a solution to the issue I lament here.  You go read now.   But before you do, I’d also like to make […]

Journonerd Crisis: Where am I, and where am I going? (ONA Wrapup)

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Conferences. They’re a time to reflect, to break out of the bubble. The Online News Association conference always seems to fall at a weird time for me. Last year, a week after I started PBS. This year, a month after I started at the AP (the team literally branded my big blue hat with an […]

This work I do, it’s difficult, and that’s okay

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I always said I wanted a challenge. People told me to go where I could learn. And now that I’ve been thrown into the Washington bureau of the Associated Press, I got my wish. And let me tell you, I’ve had some of the toughest days (intellectually) in the last two weeks. Because this work […]

Thoughts on starting a new adventure

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I spent the last week in New York getting acclimated to my new journalistic home — The Associated Press. I am overwhelmed, exhausted, exhilarated, excited and oh-so-grateful to have landed there. How to describe it? I feel like we’re leading a revolution, reminding me of a certain passage from Les Miserables: “Who will join in […]

How to make a non-Flash intensity map in Fusion Tables

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I’ve recently become very, very intimately acquainted with the advanced innards of Google Fusion Tables in a very unhealthy way. You think I’m joking, but I’m not. One of the coolest visualizations Fusion Tables (I’ll say FT from this point forward) is capable of would be its Intensity Map option. Automatically pull in the shapes […]

How to combine multiple Fusion Tables into one map

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I had the privilege of visiting Derek Willis’ Digital Frameworks class last week — a hallowed room that started my own data journalism journey. As most of you know, I’m unable to sit and merely observe (sorry, Derek!), so I ended up chiming in. One student explained that she was working on a Fusion Table […]