Data Delver: Mark Schaver, Louisville Courier

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It’s all very simple for me to sit in front of my computer and proclaim myself a data journalist, or a programmer-journalist for that matter. I’ve spent a lot of time discovering my love for creating data-driven applications. But for many CAR reporters, the role of Web developer has chosen them as the field has […]

Data Delver: Matt Wynn, Arizona Republic

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CAR brings added benefit to stories throughout the paper, and it’s essential in urban areas that have many facets to be explored through data. But before you can bring the CAR to a city like Phoenix, you’ve got to be confident in your abilities. That’s why Matt Wynn, now Senior Data Reporter at the Arizona […]

Data Delver: Anthony DeBarros, USA Today

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It’s one thing to say we’re interested in the conversion of journalism and technology now, but it was a completely different story decades ago, when it was the beginning of a melding of the writers and the computer geeks. And as much as things were different than today, newsrooms still wondered how to best integrate […]

Data Delver: Jennifer LaFleur, ProPublica

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The nature of CAR is shifting each day, as data analyzers and Web developers alike prepare to converge on Phoenix later this week.  But for those who’ve been in this for the long haul, the essence of the field remains what it always has been.  That’s the message ProPublica’s Director of Computer-Assisted Reporting, Jennifer LaFleur, […]

Data Delvers: Ben Welsh & Ken Schwencke, LA Times

Using data as part of a package that drives user interest needs a strong team, and cross-collaboration between reporters, editors and web developers.  At the Los Angeles Times, two key people who work to bring it all together are Web dev duo Ben Welsh and Ken Schwencke.  It’s their job to enhance and enrich the […]

Data Delver: Chase Davis, California Watch

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My next Data Delver: By day, he’s an investigative reporter. By night, he’s Superman!  (Okay, he actually builds database applications with co-conspirator Matt Waite.  But that’s almost the same, right?) The CAR world, as I see it, has two different paths you can go down: continue to use data for reporting stories, or apply those […]

Data Delver: MaryJo Webster, Pioneer Press

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One of the virtues of continuing to be a graduate student while pursuing my CAR journey has been the freedom to look at problems academically.  One issue I’ve been wrestling with is where we need to use more data.  I’ve come to the conclusion that it needs to be used more often in reporting.  That […]

Data Delver: Lisa Pickoff-White, California Watch

While talking to data reporters from around the country, it’s become apparent to me that the best work is done when the staff is supportive.  Some newspapers are doing great work, and some are struggling.  Which led me to wonder how the investigative organizations are doing, new and encouraging experimentation to draw eyes and inform […]

Data Delver: Mo Tamman, Wall Street Journal

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I think in the modern era, CAR merits consideration across all beats. Perhaps that’s part of why I didn’t discover it for so long, it never occurred to me to search for a specialty that looked at data, because I just assumed that was the way to do journalism. But if I were pressed to […]

Data Delver: David Donald, Center for Public Integrity

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What is it we love about computer-assisted reporting? Why is the NICAR-L list full of people eager and willing to diagnose problem queries and discuss the merits of mapping software? What draws people to it?  The first time I saw a Python script perform batch geocoding, as numbers spun out of a Terminal console quicker than […]